Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12th, ready to cup

So I have been here 8 days and have only blogged once, I am not doing a very good job. I have a lot of catching up to do. I left Utilia with my diving certification and took a bus back to San Pedro Sula. On the bus this creepy clown got on, who wasnt smiling. He sat down at the front of the bus and just stayed there for maybe 10 minutes. After that he got up and walked all the way to the back and then back up front saying something as I quickly looked the other way. He wasnt smiling or anything and I thought oh god this is how they rob a bus, just be calm. So then he started talking in a loud voice and right before I shit myself people started laughing. He was telling jokes. Anyway he did a little clown act for maybe 20 minutes and then people tipped him and then he got off at the next stop. LOL, it was scary as hell.
So that was the morning of the 10th that I came back and the night of the 10th was a meet and greet for all the cuppers. We are staying at the Princess Hilton which is amazing. I am staying with my coworker Bryan and there is always free food and everybody wants to talk coffee all the time, I am in heaven. The morning of the 11th we had a presentation from the farmers and then a presentation from the head judge which was excellent on acidity, sweetness, the scoring, etc. After that we went in to cup five coffees for calibration. I was so excited that I was in the norm of cupping scores, maybe a little low, but I think that it will be okay because those were coffees that didnt make it. I had filet mignon rapped in bacon with the most divine potatoes and rice and the cheescake for desert. Wow, that was after my crab cakes in the "excutive lounge". Anyway, gotta go, but we are cupping 30 coffees this morning so hope it goes well. This is the real competition now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I´ve never written a blog before and haven´t really read any either, so bare with me.
After I came back from Norway a few people asked me why I didn´t keep a blog and I ignored them. I then went to SE Asia and a ton of people asked me why I didn´t keep a blog. So this time I´m going to keep one and if it sucks then it sucks, but at least I kept a record. Anyway I just arrived here maybe 3 hours ago. Last night in Seattle, it was cold, raining, and windy. I had a jacket and a long sleeve shirt on. I get here and it´s in the 90´s and the humidity is ridiculous. So needless to say everybody is looking at me like I´m a moron, good way to start. I noticed that James Blunt was playing in the airport in San Pedro Sula which was an interesting choice. I love James Blunt. So I got a taxi, which I knew before hand weren´t metered, and had him take me to the hostel I wanted to stay at. As we drove off I was immediately reminded of Asia because the first thing he tried to do was get me to go to a different hotel. Then I told him I was going to another city tomorrow and wanted to get up early and get there and he preceded to offer me a package deal if he drove me there, $140, what a fucking deal. I thought oh god this is Asia all over again, I´m waiting for the prostitutes to be offered now. Well thankfully that wasn´t the same, but like in Asia I totally got ripped off and the keeper of the hostel told me I overpaid for the taxi ride by 100%. Shrug, wasn´t suprised there. Anyway I´m staying in a nice hostel and after changing into shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops I´m loving this weather. It just feels tropical. Anyway I leave tomorrow morning for Utilia where I will learn how to Scuba dive over three days, I hope it´s as awesome as it sounds.