Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I´ve never written a blog before and haven´t really read any either, so bare with me.
After I came back from Norway a few people asked me why I didn´t keep a blog and I ignored them. I then went to SE Asia and a ton of people asked me why I didn´t keep a blog. So this time I´m going to keep one and if it sucks then it sucks, but at least I kept a record. Anyway I just arrived here maybe 3 hours ago. Last night in Seattle, it was cold, raining, and windy. I had a jacket and a long sleeve shirt on. I get here and it´s in the 90´s and the humidity is ridiculous. So needless to say everybody is looking at me like I´m a moron, good way to start. I noticed that James Blunt was playing in the airport in San Pedro Sula which was an interesting choice. I love James Blunt. So I got a taxi, which I knew before hand weren´t metered, and had him take me to the hostel I wanted to stay at. As we drove off I was immediately reminded of Asia because the first thing he tried to do was get me to go to a different hotel. Then I told him I was going to another city tomorrow and wanted to get up early and get there and he preceded to offer me a package deal if he drove me there, $140, what a fucking deal. I thought oh god this is Asia all over again, I´m waiting for the prostitutes to be offered now. Well thankfully that wasn´t the same, but like in Asia I totally got ripped off and the keeper of the hostel told me I overpaid for the taxi ride by 100%. Shrug, wasn´t suprised there. Anyway I´m staying in a nice hostel and after changing into shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops I´m loving this weather. It just feels tropical. Anyway I leave tomorrow morning for Utilia where I will learn how to Scuba dive over three days, I hope it´s as awesome as it sounds.

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